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The data and analytics landscape is rapidly changing due to the amount of data that is created ever single second of every single day – there is an increasing demand for analyzing disparate data and businesses want to know how they can turn all their data, both structured and unstructured, into better, faster smarter decision making at all levels of their organizations.

OpenText’s enterprise-grade Business Intelligence and Analytics platform, helps organizations improve decision-making, gain operational efficiency and increase visibility by enabling IT to place interactive dashboards, reports, and data visualizations quickly into the hands of business users. Leveraging all your data – whether structured or unstructured, internal, CRM, big data, Internet of Things, or social media – in relevant, interactive visualizations, increases your opportunities for growth.

OpenText best for customers

Self-Service and a Powerful Platform

Deliver self-service analytics and data preparation allowing business users to explore their data freely, backed by an IT-managed environment that provides secure, scalable access to enterprise data.

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Blend Data and Share Insights

Leverage integrated, pre-built advanced analytics against massive amounts of data, then share and socialize the findings. Analyze unstructured data through sentiment definitions and taxonomies that can be extended and customized, then turn the results into visualizations that can also draw on structured data, for more complete understanding.

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OpenText enterprise process-monitoring

Serve More Data to More Users

Rely on a highly scalable and high-performing environment, capable of serving more data to more users with less software and hardware.

Take advantage of a broad set of APIs to meet any integration and custom requirement such as white labelling, extending features, or connecting to custom data sources.

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Improve visibility and decisions
Make better, more timely decisions by putting easy-to-understand, interactive dashboards, reports and data visualizations in the hands of business users, giving them self-service capabilities that draw on enterprise-level security, scalability and data integrity set up and maintained by IT. 

Identify new business opportunities
Spot and exploit new opportunities and new markets by uncovering patterns and trends in your data, as well as predict future behaviors and likely outcomes.

Optimize operations
Streamline processes and improve business performance by monitoring key metrics in real time, identifying variances from a desired goal, understanding why the variance occurred, and making those insights actionable. 

Improve the customer experience
Add compelling, interactive data visualizations to customer-facing applications, enabling you to provide superior experiences for your users that increase loyalty and satisfaction.

Accelerate time to market when creating and deploying new BI applications
Build and quickly adapt reusable infrastructure components and analytics content from a modular, low-code deployment platform.


Analytics Suite Products

OpenText Analytics allows you to create dashboards, visualizations, and analytics applications that answer vital questions across your organization. Build innovative data-driven enterprise applications that meet even the most challenging requirements - on any platform, and for any device.

Les produits Analytics

OpenText™ Big Data Analytics

Notre solution d’Analytics avancée vous permet d’accéder, intégrer explorer et d’analyser rapidement les Big Data sans faire appel aux équipes IT ou experts en données.

  • Explorez toutes vos données dans une vue unifiée
  • Analysez des milliards d’enregistrements en quelques secondes
  • Supprimez la modélisation et le codage compliqués des données
  • Nettoyez et enrichissez vos données
  • Appliquez automatiquement des techniques d'analyse préprogrammées
  • Obtenez rapidement des aperçus grâce à l'analytique visuelle, facile à utiliser
  • Cultivez l'autonomie des utilisateurs et l'indépendance des employés
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OpenText Big Data Analytics dans le Cloud

Cette solution d’Analytics avancée associe des outils logiciels d’analyse de pointe et de maintenance à des services de consulting et de formation pour renforcer et accélérer les initiatives dans le domaine du Big Data.

  • Un modèle d’Analytics as-a-Service, qui répond aux besoins des entreprises de toute taille
  • Optimisez vos coûts opérationnels grâce à un modèle d’abonnements simplifié et adapté à vos besoins
  • Contrôlez et gérez vos données dans un environnement sécurisé
  • Concentrez vos ressources sur les compétences clés
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OpenText™ Information Hub (iHub)

Concevez, déployez et gérez des applications Web sécurisées et interactives, des rapports personnalisés et des tableaux de bord alimentés par de multiples sources de données. iHub s'adapte pour prendre en charge de gros volumes d'utilisateurs, et ses puissantes interfaces API d'intégration vous permettent d'intégrer l'analytique au sein de n'importe quelle application, affichée sur n'importe quel appareil.

  • Explorez les données à l'aide de fonctionnalités interactives (par ex. faire un zoom avant, filtrer, agréger) et de graphiques et tableaux basés sur HTML5
  • Intégrez harmonieusement l'analytique à vos applications existantes
  • Déployez sur l'ensemble des appareils à partir d'une seule application
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Analytics Solutions

OpenText Analytics sets itself apart from the competition through its unique combination of data visualization, advanced analytics, traditional BI and embeddable BI.

Combine self-service convenience with a powerful technical platform that allows you to deliver self-service analytics and data preparation to your business users, all backed by an IT-managed environment that provides secure, scalable access to enterprise data.

Build and quickly adapt reusable infrastructure components and analytics content from a modular, low-code deployment platform and accelerate your time to market when creating and deploying new BI applications.

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