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Renewable Energy Systems

Renewable Energy Systems Get Greener and Smarter with OpenText

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OpenText Aids Efficiency with Scalable, Reliable Enterprise Wide Information Management

The complexity of our projects often requires specific skills from staff that could be located anywhere in the world, and OpenText ensures that despite this geographical disbursement, our teams are as effective as possible.

Philip Forshaw, ECM Manager, RES Group


  • Reliant on aging custom code developed in house, difficult to scale and support
  • Distributed global workforce, requiring access to group policies and various projects
  • Ability to handle multiple, complex content types including CAD drawings and email, collaboratively from anywhere
  • Some departments heavily reliant on paper, contrary to company ethos of low/zero carbon footprint



  • Sustainable and supportable solution removing reliance on in house developed custom code
  • Significant improvements to collaboration within and across project teams regardless of physical location
  • Reduction of paper use in line with green credentials and targets
  • Seamless and easy management of multiple content types in a single user interface

About Renewable Energy Systems

The RES Group is a UK-based renewable energy project developer. Its core business is to develop, construct and operate large-scale, grid-connected renewable energy projects worldwide. For more information, visit: