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Global mining company

Higher-value employee services at a lower total cost

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HR Transformation at global mining company creates the environment for improved speed and adaptability

Instead of personnel spending the majority of their time searching for information and manually creating and updating files, they now have a central place where employees, contractors, managers, and HR professionals can access and manage the information based on user defined rights and authorizations in the SAP HCM application.


  • Managing paper documents throughout the employee lifecycle
  • Costly, time-consuming administrative tasks
  • Secure access to employee documents
  • Moving HR to a more strategic role


  • Streamlined process for storing and viewing documents
  • Faster turnaround on information
  • Ability to utilize existing landscape for future business solutions
  • Broader access for different business units
  • Ability for HR to focus on strategic, value-added tasks

About Global mining company

A global mining company, with 90 plants and 4,600 employees across Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa, is a leading global producer of lime, high calcium limestone, and dolomitic stone. Their global scope enables them to serve customers worldwide, delivering products in bulk, on pallets, in bags, or containers via road, rail, and sea.