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Ergo Hestia

STU Ergo Hestia increases the speed of handling of claims by more than tenfold with OpenText

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OpenText ECM Suite, Transactional Content Processing means more efficient information management within the organization.

Above all, electronic workflow gives authorized users unrestricted access to information. By allowing electronic documents to be quickly identified, stored and shared, employees can access all the cases they are dealing with at any time. Currently, the majority of users can't imagine working without this software, not least because the piles of case documents have disappeared from their desks. The project has given us great benefits and opportunities, including in regard to the handling of claims - a process which is hugely important for an insurance company.

Sebastian Kwapisz, IT Platforms Manager, Ergo Hestia


  • Huge volume of information - approximately 30,000 paper documents per day
  • Low productivity
  • Long process for handling claims
  • Huge traditional archive occupying significant space



  • Digital archive replaces paper one
  • Much easier and faster access to all documents and information
  • Higher productivity
  • Improved partner and customer service
  • More than tenfold increase in claim handling speed
  • Faster compensation to customers

About Ergo Hestia

Sopockie Towarzystwo Ubezpieczen Ergo Hestia SA [Ergo Hestia Insurance Joint-Stock Company in Sopot] (STU Ergo Hestia) is the largest insurance company to be established in Poland's free market economy and the second biggest property insurer in the Polish market in terms of premiums. For more information, visit: