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CIZ (Netherlands Ministry of Health)

CIZ Business Processes Undergo Thorough Health Check with OpenText

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OpenText Cordys Business Process Management provides extensive re-use of components, significantly reducing deployment times, decreasing cost, and improving efficiency

We've been able to reduce the complexity of our IT infrastructure and that has resulted in lower operational costs. The old system prevented us from having a practical redundancy policy, it was too complex. OpenText Cordys, with one single, central database, has eliminated those barriers.

Robin van Iperin, Program Manager and Strategic Advisor to the Board, CIZ (Netherlands Ministry of Health)


  • Existing case management was inefficient due to lack of business process management capability
  • Costly and complex architecture and database configuration required for national coverage, with lack of resilience/redundancy
  • Lengthy release process meant three to six-month delay to implement new functionality



  • Elimination of delays and lower costs to develop and deploy system updates
  • 100% of cases handled within six week target, 50% in just two days
  • Greatly simplified architecture, reducing IT overhead and enabling redundancy planning

About CIZ (Netherlands Ministry of Health)

CIZ (Centrum Indicatiestelling Zorg) is the Dutch Care Assessment Agency, responsible for overseeing the Dutch Ministry of Health guidelines on the eligibility of care under the exceptional medical expenses act. Handling over one million cases each year, CIZ is effectively the gatekeeper of €28.5 billion of central government funding. Formed in 2005 from 78 separate regional municipal units, their 1,400 employees operate from their Driebergen headquarters and a number of regional centers.