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Rasameel Structured Finance Company

Rasameel Invests in Tackling Document Capture, Storage, and Retrieval Challenges with OpenText

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OpenText Document Management, eDOCS Edition helps meet green objectives while providing enterprise-wide document management solution

As well as the core operational areas of the business benefiting from the use of OpenText eDOCS DM, we’ve made the solution the de facto standard for all document-related activities for HR, finance, legal, IT, and others in the organization.

Aladdin Maswadeh, Supervisor, Chairman’s Office, Rasameel


  • Needed efficient and effective document archiving ensuring document search would be fast and accurate
  • Wanted a single solution for all documentation types, regardless of department or business function
  • Required solution to help meet corporate environmental objectives by minimizing paper use and reproduction



  • Time savings with easy access to documentation using powerful search capability from anywhere across the enterprise
  • Greater knowledge sharing helping to improve efficiency
  • Achieving corporate goals by reducing paper use, avoiding printing and physical storage costs

About Rasameel Structured Finance Company

Rasameel Structured Finance Company (Rasameel), headquartered in Kuwait, focuses primarily on capital markets, providing funding sources and investment opportunities to participants on an increasingly interconnected global scale. Rasameel provides access to the capital markets for those participants who want to fund their operations and invest their funds in accordance with Sharia guidelines. Where conventional markets are close to being Sharia compliant, Rasameel will provide the necessary contractual details to provide a fully Sharia-compliant transaction.