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KPN Make the Right Call with OpenText StreamServe

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Introduction of OpenText StreamServe delivers 60% IT cost savings

The biggest cost saving for us is that we no longer have the costs associated with code development when we have a new or updated output template to deploy. Using the StreamServe Composition Center means that business users, not IT developers, are in control of our updates.



  • High cost of IT involvement in customer communication template updates
  • Lengthy deployment time for template updates due to custom development and testing
  • Lack of standard processes across teams within landline business unit



  • Reduction in costs due to IT development no longer being required to design, implement, and test changes
  • Faster time to market for changes, with ability to make changes in real-time
  • Single, centralized processes across teams with shared core templates

About KPN

KPN, the Dutch telecommunications company, can trace its roots back to the 19th century. Privatized in 1989, the company today employs around 19,000 people, delivering mobile, landline, broadband, TV, and other services in The Netherlands, Europe, and beyond. 2013 revenue exceeded €8.4 billion (B) from their extensive mobile customer base as well as 6.3 million (M) fixed line customers.