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Metrópolis Seguros S.A.

Metrópolis Seguros – OpenText eDOCS DM – One Way Clear

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Metrópolis Seguros Insures their Future with OpenText Document Management, eDOCS Edition (eDOCS DM)

Metrópolis eliminated complexity, provided an efficient service to its users and customers, increased the scalability of its systems, and reduced maintenance and development costs by over 50%.



  • Managing sensitive information related to customers in a compliant, secure and efficient way
  • Correctly linking the information with the corresponding files, policies, and processes



  • Full integration between all systems related to the management of documents for clients and cases: PRIMAS + eDOCS DM + scanning system + viewer
  • Full and easy access to all related information
  • Reduced system maintenance costs of up to 50%

About Metrópolis Seguros S.A.

Metrópolis Seguros is a 100% Spanish-owned insurance and reinsurance company that has been operating for over 70 years in the national insurance market. Known for its robustness, it is one of the most reliable companies in the Spanish insurance market. With over 100 employees, 11 branches, two sales offices and 14 branch offices, it is without a doubt the iconic company headquarters situated between the streets of Alcalá and Gran Vía that characterize it.