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Farys/TMVW Take Control of their Email Growth with OpenText

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OpenText Email Archiving for Microsoft Exchange delivers reliable archiving with consistent structure, faster search, and centralized lifecycle management, helping improve customer service.

The handling of enquiries by our users is now quicker, more accurate, and we have a much greater first time query clear up rate. This all adds up to improved customer service, greater efficiency, and consequently cost savings.

INGE OPREEL, ICT Department Manager, Farys / TMVW


  • Difficulty managing email lifecycles with no central email archive, affecting ability to meet compliance/legal drivers
  • No standardized structure for email storage, impacting search and, ultimately, customer service
  • Risk of email loss through corruption of PST files, impacting customer service and compliance



  • Email lifecycle management now possible with centralized management of retention and disposition, aiding compliance
  • Reliable email archive, removal of PST files, and retrieval with no corruption of data
  • Consistent storage structure and indexing means searching is much simpler and faster, leading to customer service improvements

About Farys/TMVW

TMVW was originally founded in 1923 to provide water-related services to nine municipalities in Flanders, Belgium. Today they are a multi-utility, multi-service public sector organization providing fresh water, sewage, and other services to over 600,000 customers in 130 municipalities and partners. Headquartered in Gent, Farys/TMVW employs around 750 people, generating annual revenues in excess of €300 million (M).