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Sanjel Corporation

Sanjel Corporation Secures Intellectual Property with OpenText Brava!

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Secure Access Through OpenText Brava! and OpenText Content Suite

OpenText Brava! has given Sanjel a secure way for authorized users to access information while maintaining complete document security.



  • Access sensitive documents in a controlled and secure environment


  • Restricted viewing, downloading and printing helps keep intellectual property secure
  • Eliminates need for multiple software applications
  • Saves time by allowing users access to documents right from their desks

About Sanjel Corporation

Sanjel is a specialized, privately owned global energy service company with over 30 years of experience.  The Company's large-scale, international operations stretch across North America and overseas.  Sanjel employs approximately 4,200 team members in over 30 field districts, 11 laboratories, 11 regional maintenance facilities and three training centers. For more information, visit: