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Almac Clinical Services Limited

Almac Clinical Services’ Document Health Improves with OpenText

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OpenText Content Server provides single source of the truth, with quick search and retrieval, improved compliance, collaboration, rapid workflow deployment, and cost savings

Locating documentation has become much quicker, saving up to 360 hours per week, which equates to £350K per year.

Janine Cheevers, Quality Systems Coordinator - Clinical Services


  • Difficult to track and manage complexities  of collaboration between staff and up to 600 active clients
  • Meeting mandatory compliance requirements extremely difficult with manual document tracking
  • Labelling approvals taking up to 18 weeks and reliant on wet signatures, with high courier costs across multiple countries
  • Existing document practices were a barrier to growth


  • Reliable, single source of the truth and robust document control
  • User confidence that documents retrieved are current, helping ensure compliance
  • Reduction in time spent searching for documentation alone saved £350k in first year
  • Ability to quickly deploy new workflows using a globally defined standard base.

About Almac Clinical Services Limited

The Almac Group provides a comprehensive range of services from research through pharmaceutical and clinical development to commercialization of product. Headquartered in Craigavon, Northern Ireland, where around 2,000 of their 3,600 global employees are based, the company generates an annual turnover of $½ billion.