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Palm Beach County School Board

Florida School District Streamlines Invoice Processing with Document Capture Solution

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Palm Beach County School Board makes the grade with OpenText™ Capture Center

With OpenText Capture Center, we’re processing more invoices per day with half the number of staff than when we were doing it manually.

Ken Kohler, Peoplesoft Functional Specialist, Palm Beach County School Board


• Labor-intensive, paper-based invoice processing
• Costly paper and cumbersome records retention processes
• Lack of visibility into invoice process



• Faster invoice processing and reduced paper storage costs
• Automated processes reduce headcount requirements
• Increased visibility and accountability for invoice process

About Palm Beach County School Board

The School District of Palm Beach County is the 11th largest in the U.S. and the 5th largest in the state of Florida with 185 schools, serving more than 183,000 students. As the largest employer in Palm Beach County, the school district has more than 21,000 employees, including more than 12,000 teachers.