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Ypto NV

YPTO Document Output Solution Speeds Up B2B Travel Document Production

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Solution drives down costs more than 40 percent, increases revenue, and speeds up document changes

With the new solution, when a change becomes necessary we only have to make it once, not 75 times or more and it is immediately available on all relevant sales products. This saves us an enormous amount of time; we can deliver in one day what used to take us a week. We also save money, up to 80% on development costs, plus we can ensure consistency across the board.



  • Unable to respond to customer requests quickly, impacting revenue
  • Lacked consistency in document output across back-office systems
  • Time to production for new document layouts too long and resource intensive


  • Ability to respond quickly to requests helps customer base and revenue growth
  • Reduced over 150 templates to just 12, enabling greater control over consistency
  • Document change requests can be completed in hours rather than weeks
  • Eliminated redundant travel documents preventing duplicates

About Ypto NV

YPTO NV is a wholly owned subsidiary of Belgian Railways and provides information technology services exclusively to its parent company. Over 480 personnel, made up of a mix of full-time employees and contractors, support the rail operator’s SAP® implementation, which is central to their operations.