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Administrative Services Provider Standardizes on Hybrid Fax Solution from OpenText

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TASC achieves scalability, efficiency, and savings with OpenText™ RightFax Connect

We have consolidated all of our acquisitions on to the OpenText platform and this has enabled us to move faster and therefore save more money.

Trevor Farnum, Director of Infrastructure and Acquisition Technologies, TASC


• Growing and seasonal fax volumes
• Multiple acquisitions result in varied and costly fax systems
• Limited IT resources to manage on-premises solutions



• Cloud-based fax delivery
• Instant scalability to manage fluctuations in fax volume
• Increased IT bandwidth
• Reduced IT investment in fax servers and telephony infrastructure

About TASC

TASC (Total Administrative Services Corporation) provides third-party administrative services, including employee benefits and compliance administration to companies of all sizes across the United States. With 8,000 field representatives and more than 900 associates, TASC has become a leader in the industry as the nation’s largest privately held third-party administrator.