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O2 Slovakia

O2 Shops Produce Customized Customer Offers and Compliant Contracts in Seconds

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OpenText PowerDocs provides fast, compliant, personalized documentation, with CRM integration

We found OpenText PowerDocs’ high performance functions and mature architecture very impressive. OpenText PowerDocs was the only solution that could meet all our business demands

Radek Moravec, Project Manager, O2 Slovakia


  • High levels of manual effort handling paper documents
  • Difficult to achieve Corporate Identity (CI) compliance standards
  • Documents were not part of centralized business processes


  • Ability to produce highly personalized offers for customers, through CRM integration
  • CI compliant documents in all shops
  • Greater agility and speed in generation of offers

About O2 Slovakia

Based in Bratislava, O2 Slovakia employs around 420 staff and is one of the three largest providers of telecommunications services in the expanding Slovakian market. Its parent, Telefónica Czech Republic, entered the Slovakian market in February 2007 and is one of the major global telecoms businesses.