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Johnsonville Embarks on HR Digital Transformation with OpenText and SAP

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Number one American sausage brand creates a more efficient HR department using OpenText Suite for SAP®

Before we had OpenText Employee File Management for SAP Solutions, our HR employees spent too much of their time on administrative tasks. Digitizing all of our employee files and making them easily accessible has freed up their time to focus on other aspects of their job like our open enrollment.

Glenn Dieball, System Administrator, Johnsonville Sausage


  • Wasted time searching and filing employee paper files
  • Mounting expenses to store physical files
  • Risk of adequately responding to a potential audit



  • Seamless integration between OpenText and SAP
  • All employee files stored electronically
  • Quick, easy access to employee files leads to significant administrative time savings
  • Reduced expenses by eliminating paper file storage
  • Ability to easily accomodate potential audits

About Johnsonville

Johnsonville is the most popular brand of sausage in the United States and is available in 40 additional countries. Johnsonville is headquartered in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin and has approximately 1,500 employees.