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Missouri Employers Mutual (MEM)

MEM Speeds Up Campaign Creation and Personalizes Content

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OpenText TeamSite modernizes digital experiences and delivers operational benefits

OpenText TeamSite is designed for marketers, and our content management process has greatly improved. Thanks to Klish Group and OpenText, our IT department can spend more time on other business needs, while our targeted content offerings increase.

Heather Hubb, Online Marketing Specialist, Missouri Employers Mutual (MEM)


• Reduce reliance on IT and make it easier to publish dynamic content
• Help visitors quickly find information that is relevant to them


• A better understanding of visitors and the content they seek
• Visitors receive more engaging and relevant information, faster
• Easy-to-use interface accelerates time-to-market and speeds up onboarding for new contributors

About Missouri Employers Mutual (MEM)

Missouri Employers Mutual (MEM) is Missouri’s No. 1 provider of workers compensation insurance, a position it has held since its founding in 1995.