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Colina Insurance

OpenText Exstream enables Colina to transform its customer experience

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Colina Insurance ensures policyholders across 700 islands receive personalized communications using OpenText Exstream.

OpenText Exstream has given me the ability to create documents the way that the business or myself envision them.

Gina Stubbs, Business Analyst, IT Systems


  • Needed a multichannel customer communications solution to reach all policyholders across 700 islands due to their varying levels of mobility
  • Needed to have consistent look and feel across all communications regardless of channel



  • Able to touch clients more often – add more personalization
  • Easier to comply with all government regulations
  • Automated processes reduce errors

About Colina Insurance

Colina Insurance Limited is a diversified financial services company conducting domestic and international life and health insurance, mortgage lending and investments.