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Dedagroup Calls Upon OpenText to Provide Fax as a Service

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OpenText RightFax helps reduce costs and improves reliability

With OpenText RightFax we know we can provide the service our customers demand and can scale to meet future needs

Simone Chemelli, Information Systems Manager – Business Technology and Data, Dedagroup SpA


  • Lacked ability to recover quickly in the event of disaster
  • Required fax solution compatible with virtualized data centers
  • Customers need cost effective, reliable fax service to replace existing provision
  • Capable of high levels of automation with audit trail and archive


  • Rapid recovery in the event of a disaster minimizes service disruption
  • Works seamlessly over VoIP network within virtualized data centers
  • Dedagroup’s clients gain cost effective, reliable service
  • Automation reduces client workload with reliable results

About Dedagroup

Dedagroup supports the IT strategy of about 3,600 organizations with expertise in software, system integration, and technology across the public and private sectors. The firm, one of the most important players in the Italian market, has 1,600 employees and has a turnover of €230million. For more information about Dedagroup, please visit: