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News UK Tackles Digital Asset Management Challenges with OpenText

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OpenText Content Hub for Publishers provides faster, easier, more cost-effective digital asset management

OpenText Content Hub for Publishers allows News UK to collect as many as 100,000 or more new digital assets and news feeds submitted each day by multiple journalists, photographers, and agencies into a single system. Content can be quickly found and retrieved across the various editorial desks.

Simon Pumphrey, Systems Manager, News UK


  • Managing, tracking, and reporting on asset usage rights across channels
  • New DAM solution must integrate with editorial system
  • Legacy solution not suited to newer digital channels
  • Ability to handle 100,000-plus new assets per day



  • Ease of reporting from one central location on asset usage with full audit trail
  • Straightforward integration using open standards and modern browser-based technology
  • Ability to work across all channels, print, and digital
  • Scalable to handle high volumes of new assets and large archive

About News UK

News UK, a wholly owned subsidiary of News Corp, publishes some of the biggest and most popular British newspapers. The Times, Britain’s oldest daily national, and The Sunday Times are the world’s best-known quality newspapers. The Sun is the most read British newspaper, with more than four million readers each day. News UK also operates a number of digital channels, including Sun Bingo, Sunday Times Wine Club, and Riviera Travel.