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Argos underpins digital transformation strategy with OpenText

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OpenText Media Management serves up digital assets for multichannel strategy.

With OpenText Media Management, we have an effective and long-lasting partnership, which will see our digital transformation vision become a reality. Indications are that the solution will provide a full return within two to three years.

Andrea Millers, Digital Asset Manager, Argos Limited


  • Require digital transformation strategy with extensible, enterprise digital asset management solution as key infrastructure component
  • Need multichannel content marketing ability to manage and deliver video, documents, images, photos, illustrations, and other digital content
  • Process to create, transform, and deliver assets for multiple channels was slow, repetitive, manual, and costly to the business



  • Creates a single source of truth with all asset versions and renditions from one approved master
  • Manages greater volume and range of digital and video assets, and automated workflows to serve multichannel marketing and ecommerce requirements
  • Removes mundane, repetitive and time-consuming manual tasks through automation

About Argos

Argos is the UK’s leading multichannel retailer, selling a range of more than 53,000 products through 840 stores, by phone, and via its website and mobile apps, for collection or delivery.