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Toshiba America Energy Systems

Toshiba Boosts Agility, Efficiency, and Collaboration with Cloud-Powered Content Management

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Empowering control and project execution with OpenText Core for Capital Projects

We needed to hit the ground running and rapidly deploy a solution that could meet the project's needs quickly and cleanly.

Paul Archer, Document Management Administrator, Toshiba America Energy Systems


  • Reduce the risk of project cost overruns and schedule delays
  • Accelerate deployment schedules and eliminate costly customizations
  • Reduce set-up, configuration, and maintenance complexity and cost
  • Limit capital expense exposure
  • Drive rapid product adoption and simplified collaboration



  • Better control of documents critical to project execution
  • Ability to easily and securely share project content with workers in the field
  • Automated, streamlined transmittal processes and workflows
  • Faster project set-up times

About Toshiba America Energy Systems

Toshiba America Energy Systems is the result of a merger between several existing Toshiba businesses and a services group from Westinghouse. The organization offers a one-stop shop for a broad portfolio of energy solutions in the thermal hydro, nuclear and renewable markets. For more information, visit: