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Dutch Railways/Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS)

Dutch Railways Brings Customer Communications on Track with OpenText

Dutch Railways/Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) logo

SAP Document Presentment by OpenText helps improve customer service and provides a single source for customer communication records

With SAP Document Presentment by OpenText, we’ve improved the change management process to better handle increasing demand from the business. The change management timeframe is now, at most, days, and often just one hour, with no need for coding. This puts the business in control.

Mijno van der Ploeg, Product Owner and Information Analyst, Nederlandse Spoorwegen


  • Long lead times to implement changes to communication templates
  • High cost of operation and administration
  • Delays handling queries due to difficulty accessing customer communications
  • Elevating single line of business to enterprise-wide solution


  • Content updates in one hour or less, with no coding required
  • Costs reduced by up to 80 percent
  • More than 90 percent of communications now digital
  • Able to manage output from SAP and multiple other systems
  • New lines of business can be online within one day
  • Enterprise-wide solution now benefits multiple business areas

About Dutch Railways/Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS)

Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) or Dutch Railways, can trace its roots back to 1837. Today, the company has operations across The Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe. NS has over 34,000 employees, revenue of €5.093 billion, and provides more than 1.2 million passenger journeys per day.