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Credit Agricole Group

Credit Agricole Group

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Accelerating compliance by archiving 8 billion transactions annually.

We have to comply with regulatory requirements… With OpenText Archiving Platform, I can manage massive data volumes and meet all security standards because I use a highly secure, in-house archiving solution.

Gregoire Lundi, Manager, Card and Payments Department, Credit Agricole Group


  • Achieve massive archiving volumes and billions of transactions per year
  • Provide easy access and retrieval by bank staff to specific structured or soon unstructured data



  • Securely manages 8 billion transactions every year
  • Fast deployment and highly cost-effective
  • Captures both structured and unstructured data
  • Offers internal archiving as a service
  • In only seconds, locate and retrieve specific data among billions of records

About Credit Agricole Group

Credit Agricole Group is the leading retail bank and the largest asset manager in Europe. With more than 50 million customers, 7,000 branches across 54 countries, a market cap of €23+ billion, and a diverse range of products and services including retail, asset management, and insurance, its mission to grow its business requires agile and secure IT infrastructure.