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Bakkersland and OpenText: a Recipe for Success

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OpenText Notifications provides certainty in crucial supply chain.

Our calculations showed that the ROI of the OpenText Notifications solution would be just one and a half years, half our three year corporate target. In addition to the monetary savings, the solution has brought confidence, and has reduced risk to our business.

Pim Van Der Gaag, IT Consultant, Bakkersland


  • High cost of fixed ISDN lines used for fax transmission
  • Lack of error notification leading to supply chain interruptions
  • No end-to-end visibility of order process
  • User mistrust of system and lengthy manual checking



  • Lower cost with Cloud-based solution
  • Rapid return on investment in just one and a half years
  • Reduced risk with automatic error alerts
  • Greater transparency and efficiency

About Bakkersland

Bakkersland is a Dutch company with headquarters in Hedel. The company has 17 bakeries, which are spread out across the country.