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Storengy Engie

Storengy Engie deployed the OpenText Analytics Suite to create strategic reports quickly and easily

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OpenText iHub allows staff to dedicate their time analyzing the data and finding actionable insights 

We used to spend 80% of our time preparing the data. That only left us with 20% of our time to analyze it. The OpenText iHub solution allowed us to reverse that trend and dedicate more time to analyzing the data

Pierre Dudit, Transverse Performance Engineer, Storengy Engie


  • Create administrative reports required by the French government
  • Follow up on day-to-day monitoring of the company's natural gas operations
  • Significantly reduce time to create the data



  • 80% of the time now spent analyzing the data, not preparing it
  • OpenText iHub is adaptable to changing business needs
  • Generates instantly usable reports in seconds

About Storengy Engie

Storengy, European leader in the underground storage of natural gas, is a subsidiary of ENGIE. With 60 years of experience, Storengy designs, develops and operates storage facilities, and offers its customers innovative products designed from his extensive experience in different markets and regulatory environments. For more information, please visit