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Stinson Leonard Street LLP

Stinson Leonard Street LLP efficiently and rapidly analyzes a large, class-action production set

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OpenText™ Axcelerate™ provides cutting-edge Predictive Coding technology to identify critical case documents after reviewing only 2.3% of production set

With the massive number of documents produced in modern litigation, it is too costly to try to review every document produced. With OpenText, we have been able to focus on the small percentage of documents that actually matter.

Bill Greene, Partner, Stinson Leonard Street LLP


  • Review a production of 1.3 million documents
  • Labor costs associated with linear review



  • Reduced review costs by 97.7% through AI-powered, prioritized review workflow
  • Achieved earlier case insights with Predictive Coding and advanced analytics
  • Completed project in a managed environment without long-term commitment

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