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PG Group reduces costs and improves SAP performance with OpenText

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Automotive and building glass manufacturer and distributor reduces SAP database size, dramatically speeding up report production with OpenText Data Archiving for SAP Solutions

Our users have been amazed by the speed of the SAP system since implementing OpenText. Some queries are now completed instantly.

Magda Allan, SAP Business Solutions Manager


  • Growth of SAP database impacted overall system performance
  • Daily reports could take more than a day to run
  • Costs incurred with additional storage space requirements



  • Improved the overall performance of SAP, removing nearly 1TB of data from the SAP database
  • Reduced report runtimes from days to hours, some produced immediately
  • Lowered overall cost of ownership with lower storage costs

About PG Group

Established in Cape Town, South Africa in 1897, PG Group produces, distributes and installs automotive and building glass solutions, glass film and aluminium windows. For more information, visit: