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DIC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

DIC Asia Pacific drives accounts payable automation with OpenText

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Fine chemicals company digitally transforms invoice processing with OpenText solutions and services

Using OpenText™ Vendor Invoice Management for SAP® Solutions now enables each team member to process around nine invoices per hour, a threefold productivity improvement.

Suk Cheng Leong, Regional Senior Finance Manager, DIC Asia Pacific


  • Localized, unique invoice management processes within each business entity
  • Manual and inefficient accounts payable processes



  • Digitally transformed manual vendor invoice management and capture processes
  • Implemented auto scan and auto-post capabilities for three-quarters of invoices
  • Delivered 300% decrease in invoice processing turnaround times
  • Drove accuracy and quality of invoices by suppliers

About DIC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

DIC is a global fine chemicals company specializing in the development, manufacturing and sale of printing inks, organic pigments, synthetic resins and compounds. With a strong and rich history, DIC capitalizes on its strengths with a diverse product portfolio to service the automotive, electronics, food, packaging and housing markets. DIC’s strong market presence worldwide is seen in the printing inks, organic pigments and PPS product lines. With 110 years in the business, DIC has 171 group entities and operates in 64 counties and territories worldwide.