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TIM S/A optimizes customer invoicing

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Leading telecom provider enhances customer service, reduces operational costs and unpaid balances with OpenText

The new e-billing solution we built using OpenText solutions digitally transformed the way we interact with 18 million customers. With OpenText, our customers can access their bills through multiple channels—email, SMS, messenger apps and more.

Washington Almeida, CIO, TIM S/A


  • Paper-based invoicing led to processing delays
  • Maintaining multiple systems proved difficult and costly
  • Complying with governement and legal regulations



  • Delivered mobile invoices to customers within three seconds
  • Processed and archived nearly three million invoices in less than 48 hours
  • Grew digital invoices by 52 percent in 14 months

About TIM S/A

TIM S/A, a subsidiary of Telecom Italia Móbile (TIM) and headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, serves millions of digitally savvy customers. TIM S/A provides fixed, mobile and multimedia telecommunications services to more than 18 million pos-paid customers across every state in Brazil.