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North Star BlueScope Steel

Data, dashboards, and drill downs: North Star BlueScope Steel makes costing clearer through Analytics

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Steel band manufacturer using OpenText™ Magellan Analytics Suite for a fuller, less resource-intensive view of customer costing and improved profitability

Now, in a few seconds, I can do all the comparative calculations needed, be it month-over-month, quarter-over-quarter or any other time period. What we'll do is oftentimes study cycles of selling or view certain things that are going on in the market and apply these additional factors to the overall analysis.

Mike Nippo, IT Solutions Manager, North Star BlueScope Steel


  • Replace Microsoft® Excel® with an automated, less manually intensive solution to report on and analyze costing data
  • Facilitate month-to-month costing comparisons, as well as weekly analysis and cost-per-minute impact analysis
  • Provide detailed costing analysis to the executive and sales teams, to anticipate customer needs and improve profitability



  • A deeper analysis of costing data, pinpointing higher profit potential and upselling prospects
  • A better understanding of customer trends and needs, for a more informed sales team
  • Self-service dashboards to monitor KPIs related to safety compliance
  • Quicker, more intelligent decision making inspired by accessible data

About North Star BlueScope Steel

A wholly owned subsidiary of Australia-based BlueScope, North Star BlueScope Steel (headquartered in Delta, Ohio) produces and supplies hot-rolled steel bands for coil processors, cold-rolled strip producers, pipe and tubers, equipment manufacturers and steel service centers. Founded in 1997, the company is the largest scrap steel recycler in Ohio, recycling nearly 1.5 million tons of scrap steel every year.