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State Labor Department

State agency speeds redaction

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State Labor Department employs fast, reliable electronic removal of private information, complies with Public Records Act with OpenText Brava!

Our office was redacting by hand with white redaction tape … We’re saving a lot of time using OpenText Brava!

Research analyst, State Labor Department


  • Must protect privacy and confidential information before records are released to the public
  • Agency must redact only the exempt information and disclose the rest of the document
  • Tight timelines to meet a five-day deadline in responding to public requests via the Public Records Act



  • Secured quick and reliable electronic method to redact and share content
  • Ensured complete removal of all private and confidential information
  • Created fully sanitized TIFF or PDF renditions of the original document for easy distribution

About State Labor Department

The Labor Department oversees programs to protect the safety, health and security of workers in the state.