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Pharmaceutical company

Pharmaceutical company improves customer experience program and optimizes sales

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Life Sciences organization gains 360-degree view of customer, revenue opportunities with OpenText Alloy

Our company can have a dialog with HCPs with each interaction to pick up where they last left off. The ability to connect with customers and more fully understand the customer relationship leads to increased revenue through cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

Vice President of Sales, Pharmaceutical company


  • Missed cross-selling opportunities due to inconsistent communication, disparate systems
  • Lack of ability to anticipate customer needs, differentiate service for competitive edge



  • Gathered holistic view of customer to understand needs, relationship
  • Deepened connections to discover and increase revenue opportunities
  • Relieved integration burden, avoided additional overhead via managed services agreement

About Pharmaceutical company

A specialty healthcare company dedicated to the development and marketing of products for physicians and patients across the US.