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Global travel company

Global travel company prepares for growth

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Rapidly changing business requirements made possible with OpenText Contivo

By implementing data integration design with OpenText Contivo’s transformation design solution, the company was able to deploy an SOA architecture that provided a cost-effective, componentized and easy to deploy run-time design, bolstered by a robust and flexible design environment that allows unlimited partner expansion.


  • Inability to effectively scale existing technology infrastructure
  • The need to simplify integration and replace an expensive hand coding process



  • Increased the company system’s capacity at a much lower cost than adding more servers
  • Improved flexibility and efficiency to respond faster to changing business needs
  • Provided a competitive advantage by removing technical barriers to integrating new trading partners

About Global travel company

A global travel company that provides technology and services to enhance the flow of commerce between leading hotel companies and their distribution channels is known for bringing order and simplicity to the complexity of hotel companies and their distribution channels.