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Global Debt Registry

Global Debt Registry protects consumer information

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Financial Services provider dramatically reduces time and manpower to complete redaction requirements using the OpenText Redact-it Enterprise tool within OpenText Blazon

Other platforms that I tested were either too simplistic… or they were overly complex… we were definitely pleased with the simplicity of the [Redact-It Enterprise] architecture.

Bruce Gilmore, CIO, GDR


  • Manual redaction methods used by clients proved slow, laborious
  • Clients required close to 90 days to process requests for documentation
  • GDR faced large redaction project with short timeframe



  • Simplified, accelerated document requirements with automated redaction
  • Ensured comprehensive compliance and data security for consumer data
  • Enabled completion of large redaction project within two days instead of two months

About Global Debt Registry

Global Debt Registry (GDR) facilitates the secure transfer of debt portfolios and documentation from sellers to buyers, transferring a high volume of documentation from large credit card issuers and debt buyers. Encrypting all data being sent to and from the registry, GDR offers a security model designed to be compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). GDR also offers secure, efficient redaction services to its clients.