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Sidley Austin: How technology makes a difference

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Sidley Austin has compassion in their firm’s DNA, and using technology have found a way to give back to their communities, dedicating more than 140,000 hours a year to making the world a better place.

As a firm and as lawyers we have a responsibility to use our talents to provide advocacy and justice to those in need.

Robert D. Keeling, Partner and co-chair of firm's E-Discovery Task Force


As usual, legal cases hinge on finding useful evidence and information quickly. Instead of slow, manual processes, Sidley lawyers depend on OpenText analytics and machine learning to speed the e-discovery process.



As a result, saved time, money and resources can flow back into charitable services.

About Sidley Austin LLP

With 20 law offices across the globe, Sidley Austin LLP devotes more than 140,000 hours per year in pro bono work to improve the lives of people around the world. It trusts OpenText technology to support strategic, timely impact.