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Rapid Radiology

Rapid Radiology elevates patient care with comprehensive integration and CPOE solution

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Radiology services provider deploys OpenText EMR-Link to integrate and accelerate medical imaging workflows for increased efficiency, lower costs, and exceptional patient care

OpenText EMR-Link allows us to deliver better turnaround on patient care. An order can happen in real-time in our system now—the order comes in and it’s automatically dispatched to the correct tech in that area, versus taking a phone call, getting a fax, getting an email, and then having to re-enter it into a system.

Mike Spears, Executive Vice President, Rapid Radiology


  • Lack of interoperability had potential to compromise healthcare delivery
  • Manual order processing could cause lengthy delays and the potential for errors



  • Enhanced patient care by accelerating access to diagnostic results for improved decision-making and treatment
  • Increased time and cost savings by reducing paper-based processes and manual interventions
  • Improved reimbursements by improving the quality of the order
  • Mitigated risk with error-free electronic ordering supported by complete billing details and patient history

About Rapid Radiology

Rapid Radiology, one of the largest teleradiology providers in the U.S., delivers diagnostic services to healthcare organizations through the support of its national radiology group and its network of expert sub-specialty radiologists. Established to expedite diagnosis and treatment, Rapid Radiology offers custom technology and intelligent workflows to enhance patient care.