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NAL Resources

NAL Resources accelerates enterprise access to millions of documents

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Canadian oil & gas company unearths speed, security, and productivity with OpenText eDOCS for enterprise content management

From accountants to engineers, NAL employees are able to make their decisions much quicker. They have critical documents at their fingertips faster than they ever did before. We are almost in real-time—as content comes into the company, it goes into OpenText eDOCS very, very quickly. Definitely, all of our groups are benefiting from the speed with which information is getting into the system now.

Nicole Haddow, Team Lead, Document Management Services, NAL Resources


  • Large volumes of documents in cumbersome ECM system
  • Hard to find information quickly and easily
  • Difficult to integrate access with other applications



  • Delivered flexible and immediate access to centralized document repository
  • Integrated with business systems for seamless access to content
  • Improved searchability of millions of documents for faster decision making

About NAL Resources

Based in Western Canada with more than 300 dedicated employees, thousands of oil wells, and several natural gas processing plants, NAL Resources offers expertise in developing, producing, and managing oil and gas assets. Established in 1990, the company has grown through strategic corporate and property acquisition, as well as by prospecting and managing oil and gas assets on behalf of investment partners. NAL currently produces approximately 40,000 BOE (barrel of oil equivalent) per day in southeastern and southwestern Saskatchewan, and central and northwestern Alberta.