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Stikeman Elliott

Premier law firm leverages OpenText to search for vital information faster, easier, and more precisely

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Stikeman Elliott uses OpenText Decisiv™ to find information across multiple languages, offices, and sources with a single search


  • Lawyers spent too much valuable time running various searches across multiple information repositories
  • Had to be able to find specific information without always knowing the "right" keywords
  • Needed a bilingual system supporting both English and French



  • Reduces the need to search multiple systems to find relevant content and subject matter experts across the entire organization
  • Leverages concept analysis to find specific information even without knowing the “right” keywords dramatically improving efficiency
  • Provides insights beyond just search hits

About Stikeman Elliott

Stikeman Elliott is a global leader in Canadian business law, offering creative solutions to clients across Canada and around the world. The firm provides the highest quality counsel, decisive advice and workable solutions through offices located in Montréal, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver, New York, London and Sydney.