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WeFi Technology Group

WeFi launches innovative financial technology platform with critical EDI solution from OpenText

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Financial technology company automates data exchange with OpenText Email2EDI to accelerate efficiency, reduce risk, and improve customer experience

With OpenText Email2EDI, not only do we save headcount, but it makes our transaction processing that much cleaner and error-free. From a value proposition perspective, saving of headcount is huge, and eliminating the error risk is equally critical.

Armand Brunelle, Managing Director, Technology, WeFi Technology Group


  • EDI solution needed to seamlessly exchange business documents
  • Automated process to avoid manual keying of information that leads to inefficient, error-prone process



  • Simplified onboarding of partners to accelerate time to value
  • Automated conversion of email to EDI to reduce resource needs and risk of data error
  • Leveraged Managed Services to streamline management of partner network

About WeFi Technology Group

WeFi Technology Group (“WeFi”) is a financial technology company that provides innovative supply chain finance solutions to the information technology industry through a state-of-the-art platform that streamlines and automates the provision of services using a cloud-based platform.