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ATCO Australia

ATCO Australia powers cloud strategy with managed services solution

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Australian energy company takes information management to the cloud with OpenText Cloud Managed Services for worry-free support and performance

With OpenText Cloud Managed Services, we no longer have to maintain infrastructure, and we no longer have to worry about upgrades and patches. Essentially, we’re using a service to access our documents in a document management system, but we don’t have to look after it ourselves. In the past, we had to constantly be upgrading it, applying patches, replacing hardware, infrastructure, and so on. The hassle of maintaining IT infrastructure is gone.

Chris Marshall, General Manager, IT


•  Reduce the overall cost of ownership
•  Support new remote work requirements
•  Provide instant, secure access to documents in the cloud




•    Refocused IT resources on business instead of infrastructure management
•    Doubled speed of document access for users
•    Delivered remote access to documents from anywhere on any device
•    Modernized IT infrastructure with a cloud-based solution for flexibility and savings

About ATCO Australia

Part of the ATCO Group of Companies, ATCO Australia is focused on developing, building, owning and operating energy and infrastructure assets, drawing upon existing expertise in power generation, transmission and distribution of electricity and natural gas, and natural gas gathering, processing, storage, and liquids extraction.