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Parentia connects families across Belgium with timely access to financial benefits

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Delivering fast, clear and personalized information on means-tested entitlements with automated customer communications management capabilities from OpenText™ Exstream.

OpenText solutions are helping Parentia to save around 60 full-time equivalent days each year on manual document-related work, and we’re delighted with the new heights of efficiency we have reached.

Marc Nens, Director


  • Managing 900 document templates manually increased cost and complexity
  • Maintaining multiple language versions of each template increased the risk of errors
  • Generating batches of 50,000 documents required many days of manual work



  • Centralized and standardized management of all document templates, reducing manual effort
  • Automated document review workflow, enhancing quality of customer communications
  • Accelerated batch process by over 99%, reclaiming 60 FTE days per year for customer-facing activities

About Parentia

Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, Parentia is the largest child benefit service provider in the regions of Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. Each month, Parentia pays out child benefits to almost 700,000 children across the country, and aims to offer all families the financial support they need to raise happy, healthy children. Parentia also make every effort to reduce the administrative burden for parents as much as possible.