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European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting

ECMWF uses OpenText for search and retrieval of files

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International research institute and operational weather prediction service uses OpenText™ Core Share

We have implemented Core Share with the aim of visibility and transparency for ECMWF and our contactors.

Mithat Ersoy, Senior System Analyst


  • Manual file upload complicated file sharing
  • Lack of insight into approval process slowed response
  • Clouded visibility impeded critical auditing



  • Simplified user registry for easy upload of thousands of deliverables
  • Enabled fully automated review and approval process to support environmental mission
  • Increased visibility in the cloud for heightened confidence through any-time auditing

About European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting

Along with partners, the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) supports an Earth observation program to gather and distribute data to better understand and sustain our planet.