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Institut Paoli Calmettes

Institut Paoli-Calmettes eliminates fax machines, streamlines workflows, and increases security

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Healthcare provider digitally transforms 1,200 faxes per day with OpenText™ XM Fax™.

The implementation proceeded smoothly in each department, without abrupt change, and with sufficient support to secure acceptance of the project by all users. In addition, XM Fax fully met our initial expectations with respect to confidentiality of information and employee comfort.

Laurent Thevenieau, Infrastructure and Technical Projects Engineer


  • Sending large, confidential patient files quickly and securely
  • Ensuring compliance with HIPAA compliance standards



  • Reduced operating costs expected to cover ROI by year two
  • Secure, reliable transfer of confidential information
  • Improved tracking and reporting capabilities

About Institut Paoli Calmettes

Founded in 1923, the Institut Paoli-Calmettes (IPC) is a Centre hospitalier de Lutte contre le Cancer (CLCC) serving the Provence Alpes-Côte d’Azur region in France. With a staff of almost 1,200 employees, the Institut has multiple functions: cancer prevention and detection, oncology research, support for patients, and continuing education and teaching in oncology