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Polyclinique St-Georges

Polyclinique Saint-Georges replaces email to improve security and GDPR compliance

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State of the art healthcare facility increases security, reduces costs, and improves efficiency with OpenText™ XM SendSecure™ .


  • Secure solution to protect confidential documents and comply with GDPR
  • Ability to send large files quickly



  • Dramatically improved security and GDPR compliance
  • Increased efficiency and speed of patient care
  • Reduced costs

About Polyclinique St-Georges

The Saint-Georges Polyclinic is a private, 100-bed health-care facility serving the Royan region of France with a state-of-the-art facility that includes a surgical clinic, emergency medical services, and a versatile rehabilitation center. Its 200+ staff members consist of medical experts with a wide range of expertise—from doctors, medical coordinators and a full surgical team, to highly-trained nursing staff and more.