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Egypt MCIT

Egypt Ministry of Communications and Information Technology lays foundation for e-government transformation

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IT specialist prepares for service innovation by replacing paper processes with secure, scalable and future-ready digital workflows, powered by OpenText Extended ECM Platform.

OpenText solutions—delivered by ASSET—will play a key role in Egypt’s e-government transformation. We look forward to continuing our collaboration to enhance services for citizens and businesses across the country.

Dr. Mahmoud Osman, CTO, Egypt Ministry of Communications and Information Technology


  • “Digital Egypt” intends to transform the country into a digital society that uses automation to streamline services for citizens and stakeholders as part of the Egypt Vision 2030 plan.
  • Manual, paper-based processes needed to be replaced with secure, scalable, future-ready digital workflows that drive efficiency, cost-reduction and regulatory compliance.
  • Capture, scanning and barcoding was required to link paper documents to digital records in a single document repository, aiding in advanced search and reporting capabilities.



  • Created a central ECM platform that can scale to support the entire Egyptian government.
  • Digitized almost 200,000 documents and counting on a secure ECM repository.
  • Reduced MCIT’s operational costs for printing, handling and archiving paper by 80 percent.
  • Cut the average time for MCIT to handle correspondence by 80 percent.
  • Strengthened data governance and regulatory compliance processes.

About Egypt MCIT

Around the world, governments are embracing the digital channel to enhance services for citizens and supercharge sustainable development. In Egypt, the Egypt Vision 2030 plan aims to promote economic, social and environmental progress. As part of this national initiative, Egypt’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) has embarked on a far-reaching digital transformation, named Digital Egypt.