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Kuntien Tiera

Kuntien Tiera enhances transparency for local government services in Finland

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Empowering municipalities to boost public engagement in decision-making while eliminating costly paper-based processes with Fujitsu CaseM and OpenText™ Documentum™

We were looking for a case management platform that is robust and extensible, and that is exactly what the combination of Fujitsu CaseM and the OpenText Documentum platform offers us.

Vesa Heinälä, Director, Kuntien Tiera Oy


  • Municipalities reliant on inefficient, paper-based processes
  • Citizens expected to travel to physical offices to engage with government
  • Lack of transparency for government and citizens across the country



  • Improved the efficiency of local government decision-making
  • Boosted public transparency and accessibility around local government
  • Reduced one local government’s carbon emissions by 97.9% by reducing reliance on paper
  • Scaled to support over 40 Finnish municipalities, hospital districts and other public-sector organizations, with headroom for continuous expansion

About Kuntien Tiera

Kuntien Tiera is a leading partner of Finland’s public sector. The company is owned by its customers, which include municipal government organizations and healthcare providers across the country. Through economies of scale, Kuntien Tiera helps deliver responsive, high-quality IT services that would otherwise be too complex or costly for individual organizations to develop, deploy and manage—contributing to improved services for Finnish residents and citizens.