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Clallam County Sheriff

Clallam County Sheriff’s Office harnesses digital forensics to build strong cases, faster

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Law enforcement agency analyzes three-times more storage devices each month with OpenText EnCase Forensic, helping officers apprehend criminals and protect the public

We recently prosecuted a triple homicide case using evidence collected via EnCase Forensic to link the perpetrator with their crimes. Without a doubt, the OpenText solution is already playing an important role in protecting the people of Clallam County.

Guy Cranor Special Deputy – Computer Forensics Analyst, Clallam County Sheriff’s Office


  • Support digital forensics processes from end-to-end: including data extraction, processing and reporting
  • Meet the rigorous evidentiary requirements of U.S. courts
  • Reduce the cost and time associated with analyzing digital evidence



  • Allows the Sheriff’s Office to analyze three-times more storage devices per month
  • Reduces reliance on external resources, cutting digital evidence processing costs by 40%
  • Helps accelerate investigations and secure criminal convictions

About Clallam County Sheriff

Clallam County Sheriff’s Office is the law enforcement agency responsible for Clallam County, Washington—an area with a population of 77,000 covering more than 2,600 square miles.