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IFCO accelerates invoice validation for fresh food supply chain


World’s largest supplier of reusable plastic containers boosts productivity to meet growing demand with OpenText™ Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) for SAP® Solutions.

VIM enabled IFCO to dramatically accelerate the approval and validation process. Even during the pandemic, IFCO scaled AP operations to support increased business with growers, warehouse operators and retailers.


  • Previous tool was complex and required manual steps when processing invoices
  • Need to automate invoice receipt and posting



  • Accelerated validation for freight and non-freight invoices
  • Ensured consistency and accessibility across dozens of countries
  • Enhanced business growth and resilience in shifting market demands


1.7 billion: it’s the number of food shipments moved from suppliers to grocery retailers in IFCO SYSTEMS reusable plastic containers (RPCs) every year. Close to three decades ago, IFCO was the first company to develop an outsourced pooling system of RPCs for fresh fruits and vegetables. The global provider headquartered in Germany now offers more than 70 models of RPCs, ranging from green display-ready cases for fresh produce to yellow stackable totes for meat. All are constructed of durable food-safe plastic and designed to ensure temperature control to maintain product freshness. Compared to single-use packaging, RPCs reduce damage and food waste while their reuse reduces energy and material waste.