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Region Skane

Region Skåne moves toward more open and responsive public services

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Local government organization set to improve transparency and automate time-consuming manual processes with OpenText™ Extended ECM and OpenText™ AppWorks™.

Our goal is that all 35,000 Region Skåne employees will use OpenText Extended ECM as their single document repository— allowing them to collaborate more effectively.

Mikael Pankko Unit Manager – Staff and Development, Region Skåne


  • Key records distributed across multiple locations and data repositories.
  • Time-consuming manual processes required to process freedom-of-information requests from the public.
  • Reduced transparency of local government decision-making processes for citizens.



  • Created a central repository capable of securely storing millions of documents.
  • Enabled faster responses to public information requests by accelerating retrieval of public records.
  • Laid foundation for a streamlined, open and effective approach to sharing information with internal and external stakeholders.

About Region Skane

One of the 21 county councils of Sweden, Region Skåne is responsible for delivering key public services to the area’s 1.3 million residents. The organization’s 35,000 employees help support healthcare, critical infrastructure and public transport facilities.